This page is a growing list showing all of the clients I have worked with and created art for.

Victim Services Center of Montgomery County

I designed a poster for the Victim Services Center of Montgomery County. This poster visually displayed how a victim feels when they are sexually abused. It was entered into a competition and placed third place out of my entire school. It now hangs in the offices of the Victim Services Center of Montgomery County.

Sexual Abuse

Chestnut Hill Business Association

I created a poster for the Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill 2015. The Chestnut Hill Business Association printed it out and posted it up next to a list that they created. Located to the right is a picture of me next to my sign so you understand the size.

Spinner's End

Antonelli Insitute

I designed a line of greeting cards including a Thanksgiving card, holiday card, birthday card, and also a New Year's card. My instructor, Christian Patchell, submitted my (and also the other designer's) cards to the school so that they could pick which one they wanted to use as their holiday card. All the staff chose my card to be the holiday card for 2015 and also my Thanksgiving card for 2016. They changed the wording on the inside to match my school, but the design and illustration is all done by me.

Holiday Cards